Bài Tập Collocation Có Đáp Án

50 Câu trắc nghiệm Collocation tiếng Anh ôn thi THPT tổ quốc 2021 bao gồm đáp án

A. For B. Of C. In D. ToQuestion 3. Advanced công nghệ has been _____ significant contribution to lớn lots of countries’living standards so far.A. Having B. Reaping C. Holding D. MakingQuestion 4. Taking many advantages of alcohol obviously _____ a negative impact on yourhouse.A. Make B. Take C. Exert D. GainQuestion 5. Anna ______ the sack because of her laziness.A. Came B. Got C. Had D. StickedQuestion 6. Because I helped him a lot, he ______ allowance for my mistake at this time.A. Makes B. Takes C. Gets D. HasQuestion 7. Although the Chinese food is relatively peculiar to me, I have just had a ____ at it.A. Go B. Joke C. Change D. LookQuestion 8. Mary really enjoyed the party at that villa because of its ______ service.A. Dedicated B. Original C. Optional D. FavorableQuestion 9. She _______ a look at Alan when he made a mistake in class.A. Takes B. Makes C. Has D. GetsQuestion 10. Vì chưng morning exercise every day actually does _______ for our mental & physicalhealth.

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A. Roles B. Wonders C. Controls D. AfflictionsQuestion 11. The air pollution has been _______ a threat to lớn the Earth.A. Making B. Having C. Posing D. GrippingQuestion 12. If you don’t want your factory to lớn _______ bankrupt, avoid consulting those willingto step out on a limb.A. Come B. Take C. Go D. PayQuestion 13. Lawyers are naturally keen khổng lồ have ________ with anyone who could provide himwith incontrovertible evidence concerning the lawsuits they’re in charge.A. Liên hệ B. Association C. Connection D. CommunicationQuestion 14. In Physic class, we are told that resistance wire can be found in anelectrical_________such as a heater or an oven.A. Device B. Appliance C. Utensil D. GadgetQuestion 15. Entering the meeting late, he tried khổng lồ _________ an excuse, still, the strictchairman of the board told him lớn leave the room.A. Make B. Do C. Give D. HaveQuestion 16. It seems that they had had a ________ row, as she had locked him out of theapartment all night long.A. Freezing B. Warming C. Grieving D. BlazingQuestion 17. In some cultures, that men make eye liên hệ ________ women is strictly forbidden outside the immediate family.A. On B. Khổng lồ C. With D. For
Question 18. The recent heavy rains have contributed to lớn easing the water _________ resultedfrom the severe prolonged drought.A. Shortage B. Lack C. Absence D. DeprivationQuestion 19. Students in private school often receive more ________ attention from theirteachers; therefore, they have more chance to reach their full learning potential.A. Personal B. Individual C. Distinctive D. UniqueQuestion 20. That factory is worldly-known for selecting only ingredients that meet their verystrict _______ of unique and renewability.A. Demands B. Necessities C. Criterions D. RequirementsQuestion 21. Despite the development of e-books và online reading materials, printed booksare still regarded as a wonderful _______ of entertainment.A. Resource B. Place C. Source D. ReplacementQuestion 22. Some teachers have a tendency lớn _________ preference to students withdisadvantaged backgrounds such as poor & handicapped students.A. Lend B. Give C. Deliver D. SendQuestion 23. There was a time when human beings worried that all of the earth’s surface wouldbe __________ covered with lava were a giant meteor to lớn hit the planet.A. Thickly B. Fully C. Densely D. TotallyQuestion 24. As estimated in the report, the storm _______ great damage khổng lồ not only the coastal cities but the mountainous areas as well.A. Make B. Cause C. Lead D. BringQuestion 25. The two business partners failed to lớn agree _______ some points of the contract, sothey arranged to meet up another day, after considering their own company’s interest.

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A. With B. At C. On D. ForQuestion 26. Regardless of distance, we always think of each other _______ true friends.A. As B. Lượt thích C. Same D. SimilarQuestion 27. Before choosing a job, you should take into consideration several________including the supply và demand for professionals in any particular field.A. Turns B. Factors C. Remarks D. SidesQuestion 28. The Business Advisory Council has been specially designed for those in_______of advice about setting up new project.A. Absence B. Duty C. Want D. NeedQuestion 29. You should bởi vì your assignment, and stop________ an excuse!A. Having B. Making C. Doing D. TakingQuestion 30. "How vì chưng you lượt thích your steak done?" – "__________, please".A. I don"t lượt thích it very much. B. Very littleC. Well-done D. Very muchQuestion 31. The curtains have__________ due to the strong light.A. Weakened B. Faded C. Fainted D. DelightedQuestion 32. The case against the corruption scandal was______.A. Discarded B. Refused C. Eliminated D. DismissedQuestion 33. A meeting will be_________ to solve the problem.A. Run B. Taken C. Held D. DoneQuestion 34. Make exercise part of your daily________.A. Regularity B. Chore C. Routine D. FrequencyQuestion 35. Many people lượt thích the__________ of life in the countryside.A. Step B. Pace C. Tốc độ D. SpaceQuestion 36. I think I ………… a cold.A. Gain B. Obtain C. Have got D. EatQuestion 37. Marie Curie received …………. Education in a local school & some scientifictraining from her father.A. General B. Generally C. Generation D. GeneticQuestion 38. Despite her difficult living conditions, she worked ……………….. Hard.A. Extremely B. Absolutely C. Completely D. PerfectlyQuestion 39. After the tragic………… of Pierre Curie in 1906, she took up the position whichher husband had obtained at the Sorbonne.A. Death B. Happiness C. Living D. LifeQuestion 40. The parents realized that the young teacher was ………… great efforts lớn helptheir poor kids.A. Doing B. Making C. Having D. Getting
Question 41. There are some ways of receiving information, including receiving information………...A. Aurally B. On-ear C. Early D. EasilyQuestion 42. .…………. Rain during the night will occur in my country today.A. Much B. Strong C. Heavy D. HeavilyQuestion 43. The villagers had to work hard in the fields all day and could hardly make………meet.A. End B. Ends C. Ending D. EndingsQuestion 44. The scientists introduced new farming methods which resulted in …………. Crops.A. Bump B. Bumpy C. Bumper D. LargeQuestion 45. The scientists also helped the villagers grow ………….. Crops for export.A. Cash B. Cashing C. Money D. FinancialQuestion 46. Some are marine animals such as fishes và sharks that move ………………. Ofwater currents.A. Dependent B. Dependently C. Independently D. IndependentQuestion 47. Howletts Zoo in Kent is owned By John Aspinall, who is famous for his programof breeding ……..animals và reintroducing them into the wild.A. Endangered B. Dangerous C. Normal D. OrdinaryQuestion 48. There are people who cannot …………a secret, either of their own or of others’.A. Get B. Remain C. Keep D. TakeQuestion 49. What is the first unique for …………friendship and what does it tell you?A. True B. Truth C. Correct D. RightQuestion 50. How many………………friends bởi you have with her?A. Common B. Mutual C. Separate D. DeliberateĐÁP ÁN1 - B; 2 - A; 3 - D; 4 - C; 5 - B; 6 - A; 7 - A; 8 - A; 9 - A; 10 - B;11 - C; 12 - C; 13 - A; 14 - B; 15 - A; 16 - D; 17 - C; 18 - A; 19 - B; 20 - D;21 - C; 22 - B; 23 - A; 24 - B; 25 - C; 26 - A; 27 - B; 28 - D; 29 - B; 30 - C;31 - B; 32 - D; 33 - C; 34 - C; 35 - B; 36 - C; 37 - A; 38 - A; 39 - A; 40 - B;41 - A; 42 - C; 43 - B; 44 - C; 45 - A; 46 - C; 47 - A; 48 - C; 49 - A; 50 - B;Download đề thi và lời giải tại: bài bác tập Collocation giờ Anh ôn thi THPTQG 2021 có đáp án. Mời chúng ta đọc đọc thêm nhiều tư liệu ôn thi THPT tổ quốc năm 2021 những môn không giống như: Thi thpt non sông môn tiếng Anh 2021, Thi thpt non sông môn Toán 2021, Thi thpt nước nhà môn Văn 2021 ,.... Tất cả trên mojaocena.com.
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