Girl's day's hyeri surprises boyfriend ryu jun yeol on set, proving they are still going stronger than ever

Girl"s Day thành viên Hyeri & her actor beau, Ryun Jun Yeol found the perfect way lớn put break up rumours lớn rest - by heading out on a date. The star-couple, who were hounded with break-up rumours proved that all is well between them as they enjoyed some couple"s time together. Hyeri"s connection with her co-star, Jang Ki Yong in "My Roommates With A Gumhio", fueled rumours that she had split up with Ryun. Fans, however, can now catch a breather as it seems lượt thích this was nothing more than just a wild rumour.

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Ryu Jun Yeol ve Hyeri geçen ay bir randevuda görüldü, ayrılık dedikoduları dindi

— Netizen Yorumları (
knetizenler) 1623047403000A picture of Hyeri and Ryun enjoying some private time together in a restaurant was recently shared on a community site, as per the latest news on the Korean website, Star Today. Both could be seen in comfy casuals as they enjoyed each other"s company. Although the image has been removed from news portals, fans và shippers have been sharing the video on their handles. Another picture of the couple from the same eatery also turned up online. It was also confirmed by the restaurant"s owner that the couple visited his eatery.
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Breakup rumours about the couple have always been a hot topic for gossip. So it"s heartwarming to see that their love is still going strong after four years.
Lee Hye-Ri, aka Hyeri, is part of a famous K-Pop group Girl"s Day, and was named the "Nation"s little sister" by the South Korean truyền thông media after starring in a show called "Real Man".
Ryun has also achieved enormous fame for his outstanding performances in films, namely, "Reply 1988," "A xe taxi Driver," "Believer," "Money."
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