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Iron Man: 10 Secrets About The Bleeding Edge Armor The MCU Never Revealed Tony Stark"s bleeding edge armor was first featured in Avengers: Infinity War, và while it had some cool moments, there"s actually a lot more lớn it.

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Avengers: Endgame didn’t focus on Iron Man’s armor in the slightest, despite it being the 85th version, while the Avengers: Infinity War version was the 50th. Iron Man tinkered around a lot with his suits, và the latest ones were part of the “Bleeding Edge” suite.

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While we can never be certain if the Bleeding Edge armor in the MCU had the same capabilities as the comics iteration, we can still menu all the things the suit could do. If a future film has the Bleeding Edge again, then these 10 secrets should come into play. You’ll be surprised just how much the armor could do in the comics, & the cost that came with using it.

You must be aware of the Extremis storyline due to Iron Man 3, & this was derived from the comics, where Tony Stark had great difficulties against his enemies, as the Extremis powers against him rendered his suit volatile to lớn damage.

In order to lớn fix this, Tony crafted the Bleeding Edge armor, which was one with his body. Don’t think it’s the same as you saw in Avengers: Infinity War; the suit was within Tony’s anatomy here. If one were to lớn cut Tony up, you would be able to lớn see the nanotechnology ingrained within him. So basically, Tony was the suit.

The films never really made this point clear, with the implication here being that Tony must either be commanding J.A.R.V.I.S. Or F.R.I.D.A.Y. As to what he wanted the suit khổng lồ do. In Iron Man 3, we saw him make gestures that indicated for the suit to lớn function lượt thích he wanted.

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The Bleeding Edge armor was the suit that was true lớn Tony, in that he didn’t need khổng lồ command any system within it to vì what he wanted; he only needed khổng lồ think what the kích hoạt was. This meant that the suit was fused with his thoughts, & its capabilities were his to command non-verbally.

Speaking of creating things he could command, Tony could quite literally make whatever he wanted out of the suit. Those who’ve watched Big hero 6 will know just how ridiculously imaginative lengths nanotechnology can go in fiction, and Tony could bởi vì even better feats than those.

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He could change the shape of the suit however he wanted. If that meant making it humongous, then he could vì chưng that; if he wanted the suit to create nuke cấp độ damage, even that was achievable. Think of the armor acting as a Green Lantern ring if you want lớn understand the level of shapeshifting it was capable of.

7 The Suit Only Weighs 25 Pounds

More than a few people have wondered just how Iron Man can store all those gadgets and weapons in his armor without him being restrained by the weight. Well, he did have those limitations where his previous suits were considered, but the Bleeding Edge armor only added 25 pounds at the most!

That’s right, it was lượt thích having next to lớn no weight for Iron Man, who was used to lifting tons. The nanotechnology enabled him khổng lồ carry on without being constrained in mobility. Now that’s what we call real productiveness; he could create all kinds of weapons và never feel them on him.

Unlike previous arc reactors, the Bleeding Edge one wasn’t there just lớn power the suit; it was meant khổng lồ amplify Tony’s own abilities. We’ve already covered the part where Tony was basically the armor, và this was proven when he had heightened abilities even when the armor wasn’t activated.

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While he didn’t have powers lượt thích super strength or others, he had heightened superhuman thinking capabilities (as if he wasn’t smart enough already), which allowed him khổng lồ multitask at ridiculous lengths. He could also learn new tasks at alarmingly high rates; so much so that he could complete work people did in months within a couple of days.

5 A Secondary Musculature Acts As The Armor

Before you think “musculature” means some kind of gross exo-organic material that formed from his own toàn thân parts, that’s not what Tony made. The musculature was, in fact, a kind of armor that served as the barrier between Tony’s body toàn thân and outside damage.

Previously, he’d had the armor material to protect him, but if he himself was the armor, then you can see how he’d be pretty unprotected. This is why the Bleeding Edge armor instantly created a kind of external musculature that would keep distance between Tony’s body toàn thân and the outside world; an ingenious way of keeping him safe.

We did see the Mark 50 repair itself in Avengers: Infinity War, but there were definite limits to this, which were best seen in Tony’s battle on Titan against Thanos. The Mad Titan was able lớn hold off Tony’s attacks by busting the suit up, whose nanoparticles couldn’t fuse back together và were left on the ground.

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The comics version is much more sturdy, as the nanofragments don’t just break apart, and instead repair themselves without any limits. While the repair itself isn’t instantaneous, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds at most for the nanoparticles to size again.

3 The Suit Has Cameras

You might wonder why Tony would need cameras in the armor if he has an A.I. Available within it; that would be because even the A.I. Isn’t fast enough khổng lồ communicate khổng lồ Iron Man about instant threats. The Bleeding Edge armor was installed with additional cameras all around the armor to lớn give Tony a complete view of his surroundings.

He could have his sights dead straight on the sky, but still have a panoramic view of everything happening around. These were called “eyeballs”, since the cameras meant Tony was functionally all-seeing lớn every sự kiện happening within his vicinity.

The one villain fans agree will always have Iron Man’s number is Magneto, since the antagonist"s powers are literally lớn destroy what Iron Man wears for his source of strength. However, Tony’s not a genius for nothing, và he even had the Bleeding Edge armor become immune khổng lồ Magneto’s abilities.

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This was done specifically for a battle against Magneto, where Tony sensed he would be at a disadvantage, & replaced the armor’s iron composites with nanotubes made out of carbon. The carbon particles enabled him khổng lồ be không tính phí of the “metallic” quality of the armor, thereby not making him susceptible to lớn Magneto’s powers.

1 It Can"t Work Without A Host

For all the powers the Bleeding Edge armor had, it still came at a heavy cost of being part of Tony, who began khổng lồ feel the toll of the armor’s capabilities on his body. While it was good for combat và world-saving, he couldn’t continue very long with it.

So, Tony had an operation to lớn remove every trace of the nanoparticles of the Bleeding Edge from his body toàn thân and was không tính phí from it. Unlike every other suit he had, the Bleeding Edge couldn’t just be put on again, và it was rendered useless once it was off. This confirmed that the armor just can’t function if it"s not fused with another person.

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