Teasing Master Takagi

"I swear I"m going khổng lồ tease & embarrass Takagi-san today!" Nishikata, a middle-schooler, keeps getting teased by the girl who sits next khổng lồ him in class, Takagi-san. He tries every day khổng lồ get back at her, but will he ever succeed? Takagi-san và Nishikata"s youthful teasing battle starts now!






Episode 6

Tandem Riding / First Day of Summer Vacation / thử nghiệm of Courage / Summer Science Project / Water Tap

"A girl in a lower grade just made me cry!" One day, Senpai visits the library after school & becomes the target of a super sadistic junior! The name of the girl who teases, torments, và tantalizes Senpai is "Nagatoro!" She"s annoying yet adorable. It"s painful, but you still want to lớn be by her side. This is a story about an extremely sadistic & temperamental girl và you"ll feel something awaken inside of you.

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TagsComedyEcchiRomanceShounenSchool LifeSenpai-Kouhai RelationshipTonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing TimeTV (21 eps x 8 min)Shin-Ei Animation2014

During class, a schoolboy named Seki-kun is always creating new ways lớn entertain himself. Even Yokoi-san, who sits next lớn Seki-kun, always gets sucked into watching his games!

As leaders of their prestigious academy’s student council, Kaguya & Miyuki are the elite of the elite! But it’s lonely at the top… Luckily for them, they’ve fallen in love! There’s just one problem—they both have too much pride to admit it. Và so begins the daily scheming lớn get the object of their affection lớn confesstheirromantic feelingsfirst…Love is a war you win by losing.

TagsComedyDramaRomanceSeinenEpisodicLove ConfessionMind GamesRomantic ComedySchool LifeStudent CouncilTsuredure ChildrenTV (12 eps x 13 min)Studio Gokumi2017

To those of you out there who never could say "I love you" — This story is about ordinary highschoolers and how love makes them fired up, shaken, laugh, cry, và hurt. Whether things go well or not, this story of adolescence & romance will show you how they spend their precious youth. Every character is the main character here, and you"re sure to find one you can sympathize with.

TagsComedyRomanceShounenEpisodicLove ConfessionRomantic ComedySchool LifeBased on a 4-Koma MangaUzaki-chan Wants khổng lồ Hang Out!TV (12 eps)ENGI2020

To Uzaki Hana, nothing sounds worse than being alone. That’s why she’s made it her mission to lớn keep her upperclassman Sakurai Shinichi company. The problem is, all he wants is some peace và quiet!

TagsComedyEcchiRomanceShounenSlice of LifeCollegeSenpai-Kouhai RelationshipHi Score GirlTV (12 eps)J.C.Staff2018

During the heyday of the 2d fighting game boom in 1991, sixth-grader Haruo spends practically his entire day at an arcade in the seedy part of town, oblivious to lớn the world around him. However, one day at his usual arcade, he encounters Akira, his female classmate with good grades và money. She may look out of place at the arcade, but she is actually a top-class gamer. Akira completely outmatches Haruo in oneStreet Fighter IIround after another, & their relationship develops from this unlikely encounter.

TagsComedyDramaRomanceSeinenComing of AgeHistoricalVideo trò chơi IndustryBased on a MangaThe Helpful Fox Senko-sanTV (12 eps)Doga Kobo2019

Sometimes the cure to lớn a hard day’s work is the tender love and care of… a fox girl?! Salaryman Nakano’s stressful life is suddenly intruded upon by the fox, Senko-san, who is eager lớn help him heal his exhaustion. Whether she’s cooking, cleaning, or finding other ways khổng lồ care for Nakano, she’s there lớn take away his stress!

TagsComedyFantasyRomanceSeinenSlice of LifeAnimal CharacteristicsContemporary FantasyInterspecies RelationshipIyashikeiNon-Human ProtagonistsSalarymanYoukaiSee all recommendations

Though 4th year elementary school student Aikawa Himeno has feelings for her classmate Ouji-kun, why can"t she properly express her feelings?

Each new chapter covers one year of high school, with all new adventures for Sakaki, Yomi, Tomo, Chiyo, Osaka, & Kagura.

Tags4-komaComedyShounenSlice of LifeIyashikeiMitsuboshi ColorsVol: 8; Ch: 72Comic Dengeki Daioh2014 - 2020

Sacchan, Yui & Kotoha are here lớn protect the city, solving mysteries and battling enemies with help from their friends. But their quest isn"t an easy one as their arch-nemesis Saitou, the violent police officer of Ueno, meets them at every turn.

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Meet Yotsuba Koiwai, the strangest little girl around. With a mind so straight it"s twisted, Yotsuba takes everything in life at face value & sees everything with the eyes of impenetrable innocence. With her laid-back father, Yotsuba moves into a new house and makes new friends - friends whose minds boggle at the wacky & somewhat wise way that Yotsuba lives her daily life!

Kanaka, Saki and Ayuko are three girls who, as fate would have it, meet each other just before starting high school. Kanaka accidentally bumps into Ayuko, ruining the girl"s ice cream cone, and their friendship soon follows! Together, the trio navigates high school life, whether giving each other nicknames, racing each other khổng lồ class, or just having fun.

Tags4-komaComedyShounenSlice of LifeIyashikeiSchool LifeKimi to Boku.Vol: 15+; Ch: 75+GFantasy2005 - ?

Shun, Kaname, and the twins Yuuki and Yuuta have known each other since they were young children & are now entering their second year at Homare High School. However, despite having been friends for many years, their life together isn’t always smooth sailing. & with the sarcastic & indifferent twins constantly teasing or irritating the serious Kaname, it"s left up to lớn the optimistic và kind Shun to lớn keep the peace. But no matter their differences, the four boys stick together through everything, whether they’re simply reminiscing about their days in kindergarten, attempting khổng lồ get Yuuki interested in a school club, or trying to stop the source of Shun"s recent run of bad luck.

TagsComedyShounenSlice of LifeChildhood FriendsIyashikeiSchool LifeTanaka-kun wa Itsumo KedarugeVol: 13; Ch: 140Gangan Online2013 - 2019

Sighing, leaning on his elbows, sleepy eyes. Tanaka-kun is a boy that basically doesn"t try but isn"t disliked. This is a laid-back youth comedy about Tanaka-kun và the quiet Oota who can"t leave him alone.

At first looks like a treasure, but soon the story becomes really boring, the same jokes repeat endlessly. The guy is an idiot, I don"t really know who the girl in the série because the protagonist is an incarned shame. The girl, Takagi, every time is puting her beloved idiot down, even in things that he has proud of. Và all Anime is it: Every episode is like the same. The only salvation are the three funny girls. I don"t see the funny in a schizophrenic guy who can"t even think correctly.Good animation và design, however Just cuteness is not enough to lớn produce a good show.

If you would need lớn summarise this anime in one word it would be "cute". Unfortunately its also kind of bland - even if I liked it quite a bit.So let"s start with the most important part - the story!It"s as bland & as repetitive as it gets. Boy and Girl go lớn school. Boy has a crush on the Girl but pretends he does not. The girl probably knows it. The twist is: she loves to lớn tease him. Repeat.Second: the animation.This is actually quite decent. Sure, the characters have a child like characteristicsto them (which might not be Your thing) but still, the animation is good.Third: the sound.The sound is ... There. I think. I don"tremember it not being there, so it has lớn right?Next...Fourth: the characters.Finally, we have the characters which is where this anime shines. Don"tget me wrong: they"re not very originalor over the vị trí cao nhất but they bởi vì feel ... Real. Like the storyteller writes about his/her childhood. Which is very fun & elevates the material. Even if the story is pretty bland you WANT to see what"s next because you lượt thích the two main characters. Side characters are pretty one-dimensional but they serve their purposeand don"treally need to lớn be fleshed out in a simple story like this one.Verdict: It"s ok. Pretty decent even. Go watch it already!

This anime is the "what happens when 2 young high school students lượt thích each other" scenario, along with lots of foreheads taking up the screen. It is pretty episode based with each episode divided into 3-4 small skits lasting around 5 mins each, the main variation being the locations or activity. It starts out amusing for an episode or 2, but once you realize that what happens in episode 1 is what you get for episode 2-12, the enjoyment decreases & things get rather repetitive. It"s all about the girl teasing the guy, và the guy overthinking everything in an attempt to get back at her. It"s cute at first, but just wears your patience as everything becomes really predictable. This makes it get less funny and more annoying, lượt thích when you use or do something too often, it gets stale.In terms of story or progression between the characters, there really isn"t much. The actions between the duo don"t go anywhere exciting, not even in episode 12. Maybe it"s left off lượt thích this for a possible season 2, but we don"t really need another 12 episodes of this. Either way, it"s just the same thing over and over under different scenarios such as at school, park, swimming, biking, etc. There is a trio of girls that get a few of their own scenes, but they really aren"t interesting or shown enough lớn where they have much of an impact in any way.There isn"t much else lớn say, it"s just the same thing over và over. The charm và comedy of it loses its appeal more with each episode và watching the guy overthink things constantly just drags things out when you know exactly how it will turn out. It might be more enjoyable for younger viewers, but as an adult it just kind of makes you roll your eyes as you now know better and don"t play these games anymore. Putting on a romance element or progressing their interest in one another is what is missing khổng lồ keep it appealing in the long run.Overall, it"s watchable if you view 1-2 episodes a week, not something you would watch several episodes of at once. The excitement wears off quick & if you are older, you may not find much interest in the comedy as it comes off aimed at the far younger viewers. It is important khổng lồ know that what you see in episode 1 & 2 is what you get from 3 - 12, so if you aren"t into it then, don"t bother with the rest.