Mamonde skin care sample kit 3items

Today I would like to giới thiệu with all this skincare kit I took with me when I went on holiday.

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It’s Mamonde skin care sample kit.

I have never used any Mamonde products so when I saw this kit, I definitely had to get it. Mamonde is a Korean brand which is pretty affordable & more aimed for people in their 20’s và older.

Perfect for my age range

The packaging

This sample kit contains 3 products và is normally a freebie but you can still buy it on Ebay for around 5USD.

This contains a cleansing foam, first essence and a toner.

This is definitely the perfect kích thước to try out the products for at least 2 weeks straight, & it’s the perfect travel size.

I also lượt thích that each hàng hóa comes in a vibrant colour so you’ll recognize each one.

The first essence

The first energy essence is honeysuckle really smells of honey, but it’s not sweet và I really like it.

This is watery essence & it’s quickly absorbed by the skin.

I really vị feel that this helps the skin get ready for the next step. As it’s absorbed quickly, my skin was not sticky and felt soft và matte.

I think you could even be very liberal with this first essence & your skin would still not be sticky. Once applied the scent of honey disappears.

The toner

This toner is made of rose water và when you mở cửa it, the smell of roses will definitely hit you. But again it’s not overbearing at all.

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I did not see or feel anything special with this toner, except the scent. I honestly skipped this one a lot, but when I used it my skin felt nice. I used this on a cotton pad và it removed additional sebum và other dirt remaining.

This is a watery toner, you could apply it with your hands and dab it on or on a cotton pad.

The cleansing foam

This was the sản phẩm I most wanted khổng lồ try. I read so many people loving this and Mr “papua new guinea”, a.k.a. Go Gyung Pyo, was in the ad ☺ so this must be good.

This cleansing foam comes in a creamy consistency and again smells wonderfully fresh.

Let me say I loved this one. It felt soft on the skin and did not dry me out, not even the corners of my mouth.

The foam made tiny bubble which was very fine and lathered quite easily, & there was also no pulling effect.


I’m really happy I brought this kit with me in San Fran.

The first essence & cleansing foam will be going on my “to buy full size” list, once I’m done with my products I have on stand by.

For the toner, it’s ok but still a pretty good product.

Thanks to this kit, I discovered Mamonde lượt thích scented products but they vì chưng it right so I’m not complaining.

Mamonde has really nice products so I keep my eye on this brand as I really liked using these.