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Đài Loan hợp pháp hóa hôn nhân đồng giới

(ANTV) - Tòa án hiến pháp tại Đài Loan (Trung Quốc) vừa đưa ra phán quyết ủng hộ hôn nhân đồng giới, đánh dấu bược ngoặt lớn, đưa Đài Loan chính thức trở thành vũng lãnh thổ đầu tiên tại châu Á công nhận việc kết hôn đồng giới.(Excerpt from the text)

Sports, Wellbeing and Community in Tokyo’s latest project is a mesmerizing immersive exhibition where digital art collides with sauna bathing. While Tokyo’s traditional saunas, onsen and sento can help alleviate your post-exercise muscle tension and daily mental stress, Sauna aims to elevate your bathing experience to a sauna trance in a transcendental experience. (Excerpt from the text)


Given Singapore’s national sports are eating, drinking and shopping it’s hardly surprising that, as a card-carrying hedonist, Singapore has my name written all over it.(本文抜粋) TAKES DIGITAL ART TO THE NEXT LEVEL TAKES DIGITAL ART TO THE NEXT LEVELThe increase of technology gives artiststhe ability to create pieces they have never even thought possiblebefore. The immensity and capacity of the work they can design is almost inconceivable.(本文抜粋)

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Art Jameel centre for contemporary art to launch in Saudi Arabia

Art Jameel centre for contemporary art to launch in Saudi ArabiaPlus: Pace to open new space in Geneva | Robert Pincus-Witten (1935–2018) | Digital art museum to open in Tokyo | and recommended reading(Excerpt from the text)

Continuing Its Takeover of Asia, Is Opening a " Body Immersive " Museum at Luxury Casino and Resort in Macau

The next big immersive art installation by the digital art collective is scheduled to open in a luxury hotel and casino in Macau early next year.(Excerpt from the text) Unveils Digital Artwork in Singapore, Vietnam Next?

For many people, particularly from younger generations, art museums can seem a little stale. When there are so many digital entertainment outlets, standing in a room and silently contemplating a painting or sculpture doesn’t sound like a great time.(本文抜粋)

Let DJ Steve Aoki Craft Your Next Tokyo Itinerary

As the world’s most-traveled DJ (even holding a Guinness World Record to prove it), superstar Steve Aoki logs more than 260 days a year on the road. He journeys everywhere from Argentina to Australia, but the one destination he always yearns to return to is Japan.(Excerpt from the text) Is Opening Its Next Dazzling Permanent Digital Art Museum in Europe

When international art collective launched Borderless, its Tokyo-based permanent digital-only art museum, the kaleidoscopic space became the most-visited single-artist site in the world in just its first year of operation. Wherever the outfit pops up — be it in Shanghai oil tanks, Japanese hot springs or Melbourne — its installations are always hugely popular. So it"s no wonder that the group keeps expanding its footprint by opening more permanent locations. (Excerpt from the text)

Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands is your next Instagrammable thing

Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands is your next Instagrammable thingNeed to spice things up on your Instagram feed? Well, here’s your chance. Japanese design collective – the geniuses behind Artscience museum’s Future World exhibition – and Marina Bay Sands have come together once again to present another spellbinding multi-sensory digital art installation.(Excerpt from the text)