The latest types of scholarships to study abroad in Singapore today

Scholarships for Studying in Singapore come from various sources, with the two main sources being scholarships offered by the Singaporean government và scholarships provided by individual universities. Depending on the type of scholarship, specific conditions will apply. Singapore Government Scholarships (SGS) These are the highest-value scholarships provided by the Singaporean government to tư vấn international students & are applicable to public universities. Government scholarships typically include the following three basic types: 1. A*Star Scholarship This scholarship is provided by the Agency for Science, Technology, và Research of Singapore under the name Young Researchers Attachment program (A*STAR). The number of scholarships is limited, and each year they are evenly distributed among universities & across countries, making the chances of receiving this scholarship relatively high. Recipients of the A*Star scholarship receive 100% tuition fee waiver for 4 years of study, không tính tiền dormitory accommodation, an annual stipend of around 2,200 Singapore dollars, round-trip airfare, and additional medical & insurance subsidies. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must participate in an exam, including a written test & a direct interview. The written exam mainly consists of Math, English, and IQ assessment. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited for an interview the following day. Nội dung of the A*Star Scholarship Exam: - GAT (General Ability Test): This test assesses students' general cognitive abilities & logical reasoning skills. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed within 20 minutes. All questions are in pictorial format and are divided into 5 sections, each containing 12 questions of increasing difficulty. - Mathematics: This section includes 35 word problems in English lớn be completed within 2 hours. Students are not allowed to lớn use dictionaries or calculators, but each student will be provided with a glossary of terms. Specific content of the Math exam includes: - Number theory: prime numbers, integers, natural numbers, number line, ray, exponentiation. - Algebra: Linear & quadratic equations, functions. - Geometry: Lines và angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons. - Other formats: Interpretation of drawings, number laws, alphabets. - English: This section consists of two parts, with a total time of 2 hours: - Reading comprehension, multiple choice, & fill-in-the-blank: 1.5 hours. - Essay writing within 30 minutes, covering topics related lớn various aspects of daily social life. Essay topics are random và do not follow any specific pattern. Singapore Government Scholarship Interview: After completing the written exam, if you meet the requirements, you will be invited for an interview for the Singaporean government scholarship. This interview assesses students' English communication skills và evaluates their confidence, adaptability to the environment, và personality. The interview panel consists of 5 members: 2 to reviews the application, 2 lớn assess the exam papers, và the principal, who will conduct the interview. Interview questions revolve around everyday life topics, and you may need to discuss your family, future plans, & academic performance. The length of the interview varies depending on the interviewer. The ASEAN Scholarship for High School Students is provided by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) in collaboration with the Singaporean Embassy in Vietnam. This scholarship is intended for Vietnamese high school students studying in nước australia from grades 9 to lớn 12, và applying for the scholarship online is very convenient. The ASEAN Scholarship covers all educational expenses, including tuition fees, miễn phí dormitory accommodation, settlement allowance, insurance, round-trip airfare, GCE O-Level và A-Level examination fees, etc. Khổng lồ be eligible for the scholarship, you need khổng lồ pass the initial application screening, followed by participation in the official examination, which can be taken either in Ho chi Minh thành phố or Hanoi. The examination consists of both written & interview components. However, with this ASEAN scholarship, you won't get to choose your school; instead, the Singaporean government will assign a school for you to lớn attend. Nội dung of the ASEAN Scholarship Examination: Round 1 (written test): Part 1: English, lasting 1.5 hours. The chạy thử mainly focuses on vocabulary, reading comprehension, & essay writing. The essay writing section is crucial, where students are required khổng lồ write a narrative essay about memorable events or lessons in life. If you pass the written test và proceed to the interview round, you may be asked questions based on your essay. Part 2: Mathematics, lasting 1.5 hours. The Math demo is similar to lớn the màn chơi of a grade 9 student. However, the entire kiểm tra is in English. Part 3: IQ test, lasting 20 minutes. The questions mainly focus on logical reasoning và geometry. Students need to allocate their time wisely lớn complete about 50-60 multiple-choice questions within trăng tròn minutes. Round 2 - Interview: English communication skills are particularly important in this section. Therefore, students need to lớn prepare well lớn participate in the Singapore Scholarship interview. Lớn impress the interview panel, you should clearly highlight your strengths through questions about your personal characteristics. You should also take the time to lớn carefully consider the interviewer's questions lớn provide suitable answers. Value of the Singapore Government Scholarship (including A*STAR and ASEAN Scholarships) for High School: The A*STAR và ASEAN scholarships for high school students are awarded to lớn students from ASEAN countries (excluding Singapore). The scholarship covers: - Four years of schooling in Singapore (including Secondary 3,4, & Junior College 1,2) - Medical insurance for four years - Accommodation và two meals (breakfast and lunch) at the hostel - Examination fees for "O" level & "A" màn chơi - Living allowance of SGD 2,200 per year for high school students (Secondary 3,4) & SGD 2,400 per year for pre-university students (Junior College 1,2) - One-way airfare to Singapore (upon arrival) and round-trip airfare during the second-year end-of-year vacation and one-way return airfare after four years of study - Other miscellaneous fees, such as participation fees for extracurricular activities, camping, & team building activities. Both scholarships are not bound to lớn the Singapore Ministry of Education or secondary schools in Singapore. Therefore, after completing high school, students have the freedom to choose where lớn study or work. However, students must maintain academic achievements & adhere khổng lồ school rules to retain the scholarship throughout their schooling. The ASEAN Scholarship for NUS undergraduate students is typically awarded based on academic performance in high school and achievements in secondary education. Alternatively, it may also be based on scores in the UEE exam for students in grade 12. Additionally, extracurricular activities or leadership abilities may also be considered. To apply for the scholarship, you submit an application khổng lồ the National University of Singapore (NUS). If you meet the requirements, you will be invited for an interview. The number of scholarships is usually limited, with around 300 participants for the entrance exam, while no exam is required for direct application. The scholarship examination for NUS undergraduate students consists of mandatory subjects such as English & Mathematics, along with elective subjects related lớn the chosen field of study, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Humanities. If selected for the entrance exam & pass the initial screening, you will receive an interview invitation from the university about two weeks in advance, or two months for high school graduates. When NUS sends the interview invitation, you will need lớn complete a CV containing personal information and a short essay explaining why you should be awarded the scholarship và your future contributions. The interviews are held in Ho bỏ ra Minh City and Hanoi. Value of the ASEAN Scholarship for Undergraduate Students: The ASEAN Scholarship covers the remaining tuition fees after students receive the Tuition Grant. This means that by participating in the ASEAN Scholarship for studying abroad in Singapore, you need lớn work for Singaporean companies for three years if you accept the Tuition Grant. For fields with higher tuition fees such as Dentistry or Medicine, the bond period may extend to 5-6 years. The scholarship provides a subsidy of SGD 5,800 per year, distributed equally over two semesters (SGD 2,900 per semester). This scholarship for studying abroad in Singapore is maintained throughout the student's bachelor's degree program. The condition for maintaining the scholarship is that the student's GPA must be above 3.5 out of 5 every semester. Scholarships provided by private institutions in Singapore: In addition to lớn scholarships provided by the Singaporean government, there are also numerous valuable scholarships offered by private institutions for international students. Singapore has over 300 private institutions, mainly focusing on information technology, commerce, arts, etc. All private institutions are closely managed by the Private Education Council (CPE). Moreover, scholarships from these private institutions are much easier to lớn obtain compared to government scholarships, due to less competition. Khổng lồ secure these scholarships, students need lớn ensure the following criteria: - High GPA, as higher scores increase the chances of receiving scholarships. - High IELTS scores. - Active participation in extracurricular activities. However, the number of scholarships varies each year & depends on each institution, so students should contact them in advance lớn find out which private institutions offer scholarships.