Motorola moto e (2nd gen) review: e for evolved

Brand Motorola
mã sản phẩm Name xe máy E2
Wireless Carrier AT&T
OS apk
Cellular technology 4G
Memory Storage Capacity 8 GB
Connectivity technologies Wi-Fi
color black
Screen kích cỡ 4.5 Inches
Wireless network giải pháp công nghệ LTE

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About this chiến thắng Locked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile only. 4G LTE speed for browsing the web, streaming music, playing games and watching videos, 5MP rear camera with a card đồ họa front facing camera 4.5" qHD display - Sharpest Display in its class, personalize with colored bands Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics Water-repellant coating and Corning Gorilla Glass for enhance durability android Lollipop 5.0 operating system with one guaranteed software update, All-Day battery performance with a 2390mAh battery
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4.0 out of 5 stars Mostly Negative, but I love this phone... Reviewed in the United States on July 2, năm ngoái
THE PROBLEMS:I want lớn start this with the problems that I have been experiencing with this phone. I have had this phone for two months, I love this phone, but sometimes it annoys me. The biggest problem I have had with this phone is that the messaging feature is still glitchy with lollipop. I have the screen set to lớn turn off after one minute. Here"s what happens: I text someone, I mix the phone down, the phone falls asleep, when I wake the phone up and get ready to text with the already mở cửa keyboard, it doesn"t work. I can just tap the keys forever and nothing will show up on the phone. I contacted Motorola customer support about the problem and they weren"t able khổng lồ help me.The second problem I have noticed is that sometimes the proximity sensor will just stop working. This isn"t a huge deal, I just restart the phone & the proximity sensor works again. This issue only shows up every so often, it has only happened two times thus far. The proximity sensor is also one of my favorite features of this phone. You pick it up và the phone lights up like it"s happy lớn see you. I love that.The third problem I kind of expected. Everyone talked about how laggy this phone is. It really can be laggy at times, but for the price I paid, I"m not complaining. I experience the most lag when I am checking facebook or when I have too many mạng internet pages open. This phone also has a bit of a hard time navigating google drive, but that might be because I have a ton of documents.****Oh, và I almost forgot the worst part... The microphone is towards the back of the phone(see photo)! The first few calls I made, everyone kept yelling that they couldn"t hear me. I thought it was my service because I had just switched, but that wasn"t it. I did some research online và found that a lot of people were making calls only to lớn have someone say, "I CAN"T HEAR YOU!" Everyone online recommended to use headphones or to cup your hand on the bottom of the phone while you talk. I have actually found my own technique. I talk lớn the back of my phone và smoosh my ear on the phone so I can hear. I look lượt thích an idiot while I talk to lớn the back side of my phone, but it works. Also make sure to hold your hand on the top of the phone so that the proximity sensor turns the phone screen on/off so you can hang up when done.THE POSITIVE:Since everyone lists positives in their đánh giá and I know that I come to the comments to read the negative, I"ll just quickly bullet point some of my favorite features of this phone.- it ties with your google trương mục to give you all access to e-mail and what not-the front facing speaker makes for okay music listening-the notifications go off without turning on the screen, which is awesome for the battery-with a daily texting usage and no other functions such as youtube or constant mạng internet browsing, I get 2 days of use without charge-the phone doesn"t come preloaded with a bunch of junk apps-NUMBERONE, 1st place, vị trí cao nhất pick is the camera function. I deleted the camera tiện ích off the home screen because all you have to vì chưng to get lớn the camera is twist your wrist two times quickly và BOOM, your camera is ready khổng lồ shoot.MY set UP:One last thing, I just wanted to go into the plan that I have cài đặt on this phone. I looked into every phone that plan there is và then I saw that Cricket Wireless had been taken over by AT&T. So I checked them out & I got myself phối up with no hassle to lớn Cricket WIreless. I enter my info online, Cricket said you"re all set, they sent a sim, I inserted sim & I was done. I now pay $25 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and no data.