Business activities

Production and sale of tyres for motorcycles (MC), small trucks (LTB), industrial vehicles (ID) as well as spare tires for passenger vehicles (PCB). From FY2016 we commenced import sales of Yokohama’s radial tires including passenger car radial tires (PCR).

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Total site area

44,400 m2

Number of employees

629 (as of December 2020)


No.17, Street 10, Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, VIETNAM

Contact for consultation and complaints

Yokohama Tire Vietnam (YTVI) is an integrated manufacturing and sales company with a production base in an industrial park in Binh Doung Province, north of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and sales offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.The plant produces MC, LTB, ID, and PCB tires, which are not available at other plants in the Yokohama Group. In terms of sales, in response to the rapid increase in the number of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, we are aiming to improve our market position by expanding sales of PCR and LTR in addition to MC and LTB, which we have been selling.

With “safety, environment, and quality” as foundational pillars of our activities, we actively engage in

☆ Ensuring that safety takes precedence over everything else☆ Creating a workplace where employees can feel safe and secure☆ Providing customers with products that can be used with peace of mind☆ Actively engage in social contribution activities in Vietnam

We will all work together to become a company that is trusted and has a strong presence in Vietnam, where major changes in the market are expected in the future.

Based on the company’s policies and standards, employee education regarding legal compliance is regularly conducted, and we continue to work to improve employee awareness of such compliance issues.We have also revised how agreements are reached with respect to authorization rights and routes, and we have improved the shape of operations so they fit more easily with the nature of actual business.We are reviewing our meeting structure so that it is possible to share information and make decisions based on rank, while remaining aware of efficient, local member-driven operations.In September 2020, the human resources department conducted a training session on company rules for all employees.

In 2020, we have also worked with the labor union on International Women"s Day in March and Vietnamese Women"s Day in October, planning a commemorative gift presentations while avoiding large gatherings at COVID-19.



Cooking Contest*In order to avoid large gatherings at COVID-19, the cooking contest was not held.Photos are from 2019.

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Complaints and requests from employees

Once a quarter, the opinions, complaints, and requests from workers are collected, and the company’s stance is explained at the labor and management council, these complaints and requests are responded to individuals.Furthermore, once a month on Green Day in fiscal 2020, the representatives of the labor union and the company will exchange opinions to strengthen mutual relations and respond quickly to specific requests.

Communication with employees

We planned various activities such as an end-of-year party, and sports day, etc., to strengthen communication with the employees.


Education and training for employees

We have designated the first day of every month as Green Day and are improving environmental awareness through cleaning both inside and outside of the factories and teaching everyone to separate their garbage.In 2020, we conducted compliance education for all employees, including education on company rules by the Human Resources Department in September and education on the prevention of quality fraud by the Quality Assurance Department in November.In addition, as part of our education on the prevention of occupational accidents, we have set up a sensory training center for employees to improve their awareness of danger.

Responses in case of disaster

We implement carefully-planned response drills to fires and disasters, and participation at least once a year is mandatory for all employees.Since fiscal 2020, all employees have also been trained to demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers.In addition, drills on food poisoning are conducted to respond to the characteristics of the region.


Gender equality

We are promoting women’s management positions (at the rank of General Manager, etc.). Of the ten such positions within the company, three are occupied by women.

Monthly local follow-ups on environmental/energy saving activities and regular audits of industrial waste processing companies are conducted. Green Day events are conducted on the first day of every month with the aim of improving environmental awareness through clean-up activities at plants and education regarding waste-collection and separation practices.In October 2020, 15 employees participated in the biodiversity conservation activities at Lò Gò Xa Mát National Park in Tay Ninh Province.In addition, we are actively rolling out to reduce energy used, industrial waste and greenhouse gas emissions.We will continue these activities as part of the Green Wave activities.