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Curious about Girls" Generation member Yoona"s love life? Keep on reading to learn about her split with Lee Seung Gi, her ideal type, và more!

Why Girls" Generation Yoona và Lee Seung Gi Split

On January 1, 2014, Dispatch released an exclusive report stating Yoona & Lee Seung Gi were dating. In their report, Dispatch claimed the two have been dating since September 2013.

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They released photos of the two on a date in October 2013. It detailed how Lee Seung Gi picked Yoona up, & went on a date in the Han River.

Dispatch also claims that Lee Seung Gi had given Yoona a gift after returning from nhật bản for his concert.


The publication described their relationship as "nice love." The two are very considerate of each other & never went on dates past 1 AM. The couple reportedly always met outside since they both live with their parents. While on dates, they remained inside their cars.

Yoona"s agency, SM Entertainment, soon confirmed the news, stating that they were getting to know each other. Lee Seung Gi"s agency, Hook Entertainment, also confirmed the news. They asked the public to look at them fondly.


This was a dream come true for many fans. In the past, Lee Seung Gi consistently picked Yoona as his ideal type, and at the time, they were South Korea"s most beloved stars.

Sadly, after publicly dating for over a year, the two reportedly broke up. At the time, Yoona was busy shooting her Chinese drama và working on Girls" Generation music. On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi was working on his movie "Love Forecast."


Due khổng lồ their busy schedules, the two decided khổng lồ go their separate ways. SM Entertainment confirmed the two had broken up, stating that they broke up on amicable terms and remained good friends.

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Yoona had hinted at their break-up before the news broke out. The idol was asked about her relationship with Lee Seung Gi during a press conference. She stated that she would put Girls" Generation over her personal circumstances.

Girls" Generation Yoona Relationship 2022 + Ideal Type

As of writing, Yoona has not confirmed if she is dating anybody. Because of that, it is safe to lớn assume that Yoona is single.


(Photo : Yoona Instagram) Yoona

However, the "Lion Heart" songstress has revealed her ideal type!

During an appearance on "Kim Jung Eun"s Chocolate" và "Imagination Plus," Yoona revealed her ideal type is Japanese actor Takuya Kimura. According to thành viên Sooyoung, she is a tín đồ of men who look good in a suit, good in a white shirt, & good in glasses!

(Photo : Yoona Instagram) Yoona

During an appearance on "Strong Heart," Yoona revealed that she likes it when guys pat her on the head & call her cute. The idol is also fond of men who get jealous but not lớn an extreme. Sooyoung claimed that Yoona has high standards, khổng lồ which she agreed.

In "Knowing Bros," Yoona revealed that she likes when guys mix the table for her khổng lồ eat. She likes it when she feels lượt thích she is being well-treated.

Do you match Yoona"s ideal type? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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