Repsol Moto Sintetico 4T 10W

Viscosity 10W-40
Liquid volume 1 Litres
Package information Bouteille
Vehicle service type Voiture

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About this item Synthetic lubricant best suited lớn modern 4T propellants It provides maximum protection for medium and large cylinders with single, two, three or four cylinders 1l

Synthetic lubricant best suited for modern 4T thrusters. It offers maximum protection for medium & large displacement single, two, three or four-cylinder engines, preserving all mojaocena.components while ensuring proper lubrication for oil-bathed clutches. The ideal oil for a reactive engine.

● Highly stable multigrade oil thanks lớn its selected synthetic mojaocena.components

● Its cold viscosimetric properties make it easy khổng lồ start and lubricate at any temperature

● It has a strong detergent và dispersant power to keep all engine elements clean

● Adapted friction on clutch discs, preventing premature slipping or wear of joint lubrication systems of the engine và transmission (wet clutch)

● Performance levels


JASO T 903:2016 MA và MA2

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Technical Details
Manufacturer Brand mã sản phẩm item Weight product Dimensions Item model number Manufacturer part number Viscosity
‎960 g
‎7 x 12 x 22 cm; 960 Grams

Additional Information
ASIN Customer review Date First Available

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