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Burton 1 Social Club This Thanksgiving, I"m thankful for my ridiculous, hilarious, amazing floor.

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I"ve mentioned a couple times that, like East Campus, Burton ... That I"ve established that, we can all go home.I say this lightly, of ... You until 4 in the morning tearing through your 14.01 psets - or if you

at MIT, và in the years since I graduated, I"ve continued lớn collect ... Catch to the list. We"ve acquired quite a few big names & cool units ... Most complete list of the celebrity units we"ve collected. I"ve posted it

same way.I"ve written before about how the class is selected, but I ... Will weigh in on it. Assuming you"ve made it that far, the senior staff ... Read about the people you"ve helped and the people you"ve hurt. I read

. You’ve found something you love. You’ve nerded out on it. You want to ... MIT was a great risk, with a very small chance of positive outcome. You’ve ... Know you’ve put in a lot.Here is my deep life advice, for the next week
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Gee, my life’s a funny thing Remembering the bills I have khổng lồ pay, or even yesterday.


past seven days, I"ve seen both the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa. And I owe a lot of that to lớn the fact that I went khổng lồ MIT.As I"ve said in ... Considerable challenge at other universities. I"ve never, ever been very
people I"ve known for the past 4-6 years. I"m looking forwards to spending ... Eighth day, my self-reflection woke up. Since then, I"ve been thinking a ... Combine them for tasty results. With this revelation in hand, I"ve gotten
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I put on my robe và graduation hat It"s sortof hard khổng lồ believe it"s time for this already.

have to lớn rush around Boston saying goodbye to lớn people & places that I"ve ... Years of urgent deadlines (Test! Lab of Doom! 4 PSETS! 2 Tests!), I seem ... "t have my camera on me, but I"ve pulled some pictures from The Tech of
various aspects that I"ve come lớn gain a better understanding of after my ... Things as they come lớn me. :PI graduated with a 4.7 GPA from MIT, or 3.7, if you are more familiar with the 4.0 scale. This GPA was good enough
rare that the piece felt too valuable to lớn publish. I would’ve kept the ... Switch to Day 5 immediately. I care about the academic work I’ve done at ... Compilations next semester—currently accumulating experiences.Day 4: MIT for
pulling consecutive 4am bedtimes - I believed that there were good reasons ... I no longer think so. I"ve seen friends graduate still feeling lượt thích ... Belief that you don"t belong, that you"re a fraud, that you"ve been lucky
, Fiddler on the Roof. If you’ve never seen it, then REMEDY THAT. ;) and while ... D students/post-docs so I’m again the youngin’. I’ve been able to lớn get to lớn know a ... Else during the regular semester.

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4:00–Waiting is done! Close up the
EVERY dorm. Don"t let stereotypes you"ve heard stop you from checking out ... The culture and community of the different dorms.4. The best events ... 30% of women at MIT are affiliated. Throw out everything you"ve ever
other rejections.Since then I"ve thought a lot about this concept of ... "m in my third year here at MIT, and I"ve grown up a lot. One of breakthroughs that I"ve had is understanding that ve ... , but honestly I"ve felt there"s not that much of a difference between ... Rare occasion that I haven"t been able lớn answer a question, I"ve looked
who work in Langer Lab, and I"ve worked with the MIT technology ... 4 years at MIT, if you ever ask yourself, "Do I have time for a ... Control you!", which I"ve been trying unsuccessfully to lớn write for the past
This semester has been different from anything else I"ve done. I ... , emotionally, & it"s hard to lớn balance with classes. I"ve gotten used to lớn having ... Days I"ve felt a simultaneous urgency và lethargy, as if there"s a place
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Brief Wondrous Lives A little too much thinking brought lớn you by four in the morning.

I"ve been doing a lot of thinking about lives lately, in multiple ... "s the first fiction class I"ve taken in a long time, maybe even since ... Fact that I"ve been at MIT for four years & have never thought to lớn take
January 30 - February 64th Quarter March 13 - March 20Looks like DAPER ... Photographs of what we"ve learned so far:First, we start out with a few
since it"s my last semester, I"ve been trying to lớn spend more time ... Center (Stud) (11.1%)Stata (4.8%)Rotch Library (3.2%)STEAM (3 ... Image1="86626" image2="86625" image3="86624" image4="86623" />Pros
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Computers và their Programs Anecdotes and advice about owning a máy vi tính at MIT

laptops that MIT recommends: Macs, Dells, & Thinkpads. I’ve seen MIT students with all variety of these and more. I"ve had all three.My first ... 31. ThinkPads are very durable. I’ve dropped them from desk height. I’ve
MIT AdmissionsAt MIT Admissions, we recruit và enroll a talented and diverse class of undergraduates who will learn khổng lồ use science, technology, & other areas of scholarship lớn serve the nation và the world in the 21st century.

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