World cup 2022: vietnam advance final asian qualifying round, first time in history

Do you want lớn know how many people will be watching the FIFA World Cup 2022™? Looking for the màn chơi of engagement Vietnam has with this sporting event? We have the World Cup audience statistics và insights in Vietnam for you!


The FIFA World Cup 2022™ is about to lớn start, & we know you’re eager for the latest football fan insights in Vietnam; that is why we are getting you all of the World Cup’s data research analysis from TGM.

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All you need khổng lồ know about the Football World Cup 2022™in Vietnam in one place. Check out our survey below lớn get insights about participation in Qatar World Cup from TGM’s Global Survey on this year’s competition.





Interactive report of the world’s largest independent World Cup Survey about participation in Qatar FIFA World Cup™.If you would lượt thích to tải về World Cup insights report for Vietnam: click here.
It is the largest independent survey done across Vietnam about this year"s competition, conducted by a large number of football fans from Vietnam.

In this 2022 FIFA World Cup™ data report, we present our survey results about Vietnam consumers" attitudes & predictions for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™. Our survey shows how football fans in Vietnam are getting ready for the biggest sporting event of the year, focusing on World Cup viewership behaviors, participation patterns, brand connection, & more World Cup insights khổng lồ help brands lớn plan their kinh doanh strategies around the biggest football championship of the year.

Data on segments of audiences for Vietnam, as well as how they compare with specific regions. Learn how segments of football fans và football observers are engaging with FIFA World Cup™.

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Insights from the biggest independent World Cup Survey (over 30,000 fans worldwide asked!) on their unbiased perception & participation in the Mundial in Qatar.

Information about the perception of World Cup sponsorship. Learn which brands are recognized và what is the strength of the connection with the World Cup.

Unique information about predictions of the World Cup results, the performance of specific national teams, as well as the perception of particular players.

Reach global, think local – with our market research services and online panels, it is extremely possible.

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